Mattel Mind Flex Duel game based mind control

Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 by in Event, Feature, Usability

It was as if they were reading my mind; Two gents on the shuttle ride home after an exhausting but fun Day 1 of CES in Las Vegas. I handed them my “TheZSpace” card and explained our focus on advanced interaction. They insisted I stop by their booth at Mattel, and that’s exactly what I did. On day 2, I got to play — and, I might add, dominate — a game concept called “Mind Flex” where your mind is the controller.

With a head band accessory, I was able to play this reverse tug-of-war game and move the ball with my mind towards my opponent’s end for the victory. I played 6 times, winning each time, including 2 games against the dude demonstrating the game.

The initial version of the game was launched last year, but this version, called Mind Flex Duel is 2 player. Looking ahead, I can see this easily adapted to TV game play, where instead of focusing on the board game form factor, the head band sends instruction to objects/characters in a video game. And why stop with gaming? You could control channel selection and other TV content with your mind.

The Duel game is available for pre-order on Amazon and is expected out by the summer.

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