LG Smart TV could rule as an open game console

Posted on 13. Jan, 2011 by in Apps, LG Smart TV, Usability

Inside LG’s mega demo booth at CES 2011 I saw people playing games built on LG’s Smart TV platform. Although these early games are not yet the most graphically advanced, seeing users play with LG’s own motion remote was impressive. Could this be the first open game console platform for TV? While Xbox, PS3 and Wii dominate the home game console market, everyday developers can’t easily build games to run on those platforms. However, with LG’s Smart TV platform, there is potential for developers, the same ones building apps by the hundreds of thousands for mobile devices, to do the same for TV.

You have to give credit to LG for getting their innovative motion remote to market. It’s comparison to the Wii remote by bloggers and LG employees alike, could hint at a greater intention for the technology. Putting this sleek remote out isn’t just making overall TV content interaction more innovative, it’s also setting the stage for game interaction (see video) that is miles ahead of the d-pad control most other TV app platforms will be limited to.

The LG platform SDK is not open yet, but when it launches to developers, expect to see a rush for game app creation. The Smart TV will launch with around 150 apps and the games, especially those designed to take advantage of the cool remote, and potentially in 3D, could set this TV platform apart.

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